Why Do Canaries Eat Their Eggs

4 Facts Why Do Canaries Eat Their Eggs

When canaries eat their eggs; it’s a rare occurrence while raising canaries. The most frequent reasons for canaries to consume their eggs are anxiety and a lack of calcium. Despite these variables, other factors like males’ aggressiveness, lengthy nails, and multi-bird aviaries may play a role.

I’ve seen my breeding pair in far worse situations. Because I have a wide range of breeding pairs to care for and breed. When the canaries are feeding their eggs, they don’t get enough calcium or nutrients. This is such an uncommon event that most experienced breeders never encounter it. Newbies and beginning pet owners, on the other hand

The reason is that they have no idea what to feed the canaries, which leads them to eat their own eggs.

I’ve come to the following key reasons why canaries eat their eggs, and I’ve discovered that they are all connected. So, let’s start with the first reason for canaries eating their eggs.

Why Do Canaries Eat Their Eggs

  1. Calcium Deficiency

Some canary bird owners are new to the hobby or inexperienced, which might result in their birds not getting proper nutrition. Canary birds require a sufficient amount of nutrients, particularly calcium, before and during the breeding season or while engaging in adultery. Female canaries, in particular, require a significant quantity of calcium because it helps them produce eggs and maintain proper.

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Although they are a good source of vitamin D, without sufficient calcium in the diet, eggshells may cause harm to your canary’s health. In addition to being high in calcium and vitamin D, eggs provide a wonderful source of dietary supplements for females and males alike. They repeat the practice of eating eggs until they become accustomed to the taste.

  1. Stress

Why do canaries eat their eggs? Even after they’ve had everything they need. The next reason is that the stress of being a canary is too much for them. When canaries are under strain, they engage in behavior that is inconsistent with their normal routine. I’ve seen my birds pluck their feathers, consume eggs, and so on.

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Keeping other pet birds or even animals like dogs, cats near the aviary causes most of the birds to become stressed and perform poorly. I’ve also noticed that some canary birds don’t mate or even sit on eggs in the presence of a person. As a result, stress has an impact on both canary bird breeding and singing abilities.

  1. Male Aggression

Another important reason why canaries eat their eggs is due to the male’s aggressiveness. A male canary in the breeding season is extremely aggressive and seeks to mate with a female often. Once a female canary deposits eggs and begins sitting on them for incubation, the mating ritual of the male canary gets disrupted.

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  • If the eggs are shaken or damaged in any manner, they may fall out of the nest.
  • If the eggs are eaten by a male to prevent females from sitting on them,
  • Female canaries may leave their nests permanently, and they will consume them after some time.

So, this might also be why canaries consume their eggs.

  1. Nails

In the nest, the adult nails of male or female can harm the shell of the eggs. I’ve witnessed that my breeding pair had larger nails than I was aware of in previous years as a novice canary pet owner.

As a result, the eggs in my female canary’s ovaries had been damaged. The same shattered egg was consumed by the female canary in the nest.

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This is yet another explanation as to why canaries eat their eggs. However, I have also noticed that most skilled female canaries dispose of them and avoid consuming such eggs.

The most common reasons for a canary to start consuming eggs are listed above. These are the leading reasons why a canary starts eating eggs, but there are other aspects that happen less frequently.

I’m writing today to discuss the subject of why canaries eat their eggs. Please let me know if you’ve ever come across anything like that, as well as your impressions about it. I’d be delighted to hear from you and learn new things. If you want to know how to stop your canaries from eating their eggs, just let me

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