Canary Yorkshire Singing Mp3

Canary is known as a small yellow bird. However, among canary breeds, there is one that has bigger stature than the other. It is the Yorkshire canary. Moreover, the sound of Yorkshire Canary is also louder, which is a perfect choice for training other canaries.

Yorkshire Canary Characteristic

The Yorkshire canary body length can easily reach 15-17 cm (5.9-6.6 inches). Most of the canary bird types can only grow to 3-4 inches in their adult stage from head to the end of the tail. Therefore, the Yorkshire canary has almost twice the size of the standard canary.

The Voice Power

Furthermore, the loud the sound of Yorkshire Canary also allows it to act as a coach for other canary types. With its voice, you can improve other canary bird’s sound strength. Therefore, your canary bird will have a more powerful singing ability. If you wanted to enter a competition, you will need that.

The Form

Other than Yorkshire canary’s loud voice, it also has a unique body form. The chest part is wide with a strong-look shoulder. The slim waist also makes the upper body looks bigger. Therefore, we also call it a prideful canary, thanks to its beautiful and cool stature. If you get this bird, you won’t only get the  sound of Yorkshire Canary but also its appearance.

Canary Yorkshire Singing Mp3

Canary Yorkshire Singing Part 1 | Download

Canary Yorkshire Singing Part 2 | Download

Canary Yorkshire Singing Part 3 | Download

Canary Yorkshire Singing Part 4 | Download

Canary Yorkshire Singing Part 5 | Download

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