How long does it take for a canary chick to start singing?

How Long Does It Take For a Canary Chick To Start Singing?

Chicks born to male canaries learn to sing by listening to their father’s songs. When the chick is young, it listens to its father’s song and memorizes it. Then, when the chick grows up, it starts practicing the song. At first, it makes nonsense sounds. But with practice and persistence, it reaches the final stage of song crystallization.

Male canary chicks usually start to sing at 3 weeks old. But at this age, it is subtle (hard to notice or hear). After 4 weeks, it becomes more noticeable, and after 6 weeks, it becomes more frequent.

Song crystallization

A canary bird in the wild learns to sing until it has mastered its song. Usually at six months old, the bird crystalizes its song, but some birds take longer to mature their singing style. At eight months, it becomes a master of its song.

When the breeding season begins in spring and ends in mid-summer, the male canary begins molting. This means he replaces his old feathers with new ones. You can learn more about this by reading “canary molt”.

Singing during molting

When a male canary undergoes a molt, he will stop singing. However, you should play him the songs of other canaries to inspire him to pick up new notes and a different style of singing. As he nears the completion of his molt, he will begin to sing again on his own.

The singing ability of females

Last but not least, I’d like to point out that certain female birds can sing and warble. However, they don’t have a good reason to do so. So you might mistake a female for a male. But you can tell the difference by how often the bird sings.

Male birds are more likely to sing than females. Males sing loudly, frequently, and continuously. Females, on the other hand, sing softer, simpler songs. However, it is not exactly what you think. The difference in the songs of the two sexes is obvious. But do not be fooled.

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