Spanish Timbrado Canary Singing

Spanish Timbrado Canary Singing Song Mp3

Are you planning to add your canary bird collection with Spanish Timbrado canary? You may get interested in this bird because of Spanish Timbrado canary’s sound. However, you may have a problem without proper knowledge about this bird. So, here, we will tell you the characteristic of this bird for reference before you get one.

  1. Spanish Timbrado canary’s body is beautiful and firm, much better than local canary,
  2. Its legs are shorter than standard type canary,
  3. The tail of this bird has a V shape. You can see the end of its tail that has a sharp shape, which gives it a perfect V shape.

The History of Spanish Timbrado

This bird originally came from Spain. People there bred this canary bird around 1940-1950. To produce the Spanish Timbrado canary’s soundthat we know today, they bred it with a finch bird. Because of this unique combination, this canary can produce such a beautiful sound.


Now, you know how to get a canary bird with a beautiful sound called Spanish Timbrado. We hope this article helps you buy the real Spanish Timbrado. Once you get one, get ready to be pleased by Spanish Timbrado canary’s sound. So, get one right now!

Canary Spanish Timbrado Mp3

Canary Spanish Timbrado Mp3 | Download

Spanish Timbrado Canary Singing | Download

Spanish Timbrado Canary Song | Download

Spanish Timbrado Canary, Powerful Canary ‘s song for Training | Download

SpanishTimbrado Canary Mp3 | Download

SpanishTimbrado Canary Singing Song | Download

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