The Roller Canary Sound Mp3

The Roller Canary Sound Mp3

Harz Roller canary has become one of the most popular canary types today. One of the reasons is the sound of Roller Canary. Appearance-wise, you may not find this bird interesting compared to other canary types. How about its voice?

Amazing Singing Ability

The harz roller canary song is well-known among the canary lover community. We can even say that it has the most beautiful sound of all canary birds. Its ability to produce various types of sound also makes its call sound different.

Mimicry Ability

Other than the beautiful sound of Roller Canary, this bird also has the best mimicry ability of other canary birds. It can mimic other bird’s calls, which makes its sound feels richer than other canaries. That makes it adorable too.


Most of the time, Harz Roller doesn’t open its beak too wide to make a sound. You can see many of harz roller canary grey and white birds sing like a ventriloquist. It shows how amazing its vocal cords design, so it can produce that kind of sound without moving its beak muscle.

Overall, as a canary lover, you must have this bird. Find the pure breed, or if you want more, try the new breed with Border Canary from the U.K. to get one of the best sound of Roller Canary you can hear. So, get this bird now.

The Roller Canary Sound

Roller Canary Mp3 Part 1 | Download

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Roller Canary Mp3 Part 3 | Download

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