Why Do Red Canaries Need Special Food

Why Do Red Canaries Need Special Food?

Why Do Red Canaries Need Special Food?

Yes, red canaries need special food and a special diet in order to preserve the crimson color of their feathers. Red factor canaries, which are naturally crimson birds that are also referred to as red factor canaries, did not exist. However, they have been created by crossing two distinct breeds.

The first recorded case of red canaries mating was developed by a German breeder Dr. Hans Ducker in the 1920s. He combined two red siskin males and a yellow female. The German breeder produced red factor chicks, which were supposed to be a mix of yellow and red hues, after mixing these birds together. However,

Canary birds are identical in size and kind, with the exception of color. The only difference between them is the hue. Red Factor canaries, also known as crimson canaries, have a distinctive red plumage.

Although canaries with red factor have a wide range of hues that range from nearly crimson /deep orange, apricot, pink, light orange, and crimson bronze. They require dietary supplements containing beta-carotene to keep the red hue.

Fresh carrots, broccoli, berries, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, and cherries are all excellent sources of β-carotene. These natural food supplements can help the birds maintain their red color.

It’s also worth noting that color retention is influenced by the canary’s diet. It is assumed that if a canary loves to consume such supplements, it will keep the red hue better than one who does not.

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Un-naturally, food and color supplements are also available on the market to preserve the canary’s red hue. However, such supplements may be detrimental to the bird’s health.

The crimson factor canaries’ chemical or commercial color feeding comprises of the following three compounds : Beta-Carotene, Canthaxanthin and Orang Carotenoids.

The primary chemical component in color is Canthaxanthin. However, the ideal ratio of Canthaxanthin and Beta-Carotene for canary birds to acquire a complete bright and fresh red hue is around 2:1.

If all that Canthaxanthin is supplied to birds, they will not acquire a brilliant hue. The feathers will become dull and black. As a result, the best approach is to use both chemicals in balance.

There are two forms of color supplements for canaries.

  • Water
  • Nestling food


During the molting or non-molting season, food supplements should be accessible in the water solution at all times. Different types of color food supplements require a different quantity of water to mix together. However, the normal and most of them are identical.

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One spoonful of the color food supplement should be combined with half a gallon of water. It’s also a good idea to use boiled water for optimum results. The solution may be used for one week or ten days at most. The rest, on the other hand, can be refrigerated and utilized later.

Nestling Food

The third option is to combine the color meal supplements for the canaries with crumbled dry nesting food. One teaspoon of color food may be combined with one kilo of dry nestling food.

To improve the outcome and make birds healthier, try adding extra components like ascorbic acid and B to the nesting food.

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Do Red Canaries Need Special Food?

The red hue is preserved in color food supplements. However, canaries are most often fed color tablets during the molt. When molting begins, females frequently acquire crimson plumage.

Molt is a stressful time for canary birds. When keeping the red color in the canaries, it’s best to give them natural and commercial food supplements throughout the molt. It’s quite simple and strongly advised by bird expert authorities.

Furthermore, other than molting season, you may feed your birds color food supplements. It prepares the birds to keep their red hue.

It’s also worth noting that canary bird chicks may be avoided by using commercial color food supplements.

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